Kirkus Reviews

“A fitting end to the trilogy, Madden has created a heartwarming family story bursting with love and mountain music.”

The Advocate, Baton Rouge

“Madden skillfully portrays the children’s fortitude in the face of their nagging poverty…. Young readers can share Livy Two’s insights about perseverance and working to solve problems one step at a time….  Well-written…. Many adults will find [the book] entertaining and inspiring.” 

Andrea Sisco, Armchair Interviews

“The journey Madden has taken us on with Livy Two and her family has been exciting, humorous and poignant. She’s shown us a family who knows both poverty and love intimately. They work hard, love deeply and share a fierce passion for Maggie Valley…. I love Livy Two and her large, boisterous family. They are a breath of fresh air. As I said in my review of Gentle’s Holler, love and hope never take a vacation in Livy Two’s family. They are the kind of people you want to meet, get to know and have them stay awhile. Livy Two’s family accepts that they are poor, but also know that poverty is a situation and not about whom they are. They are wonderful proud people who are doing their best. Armchair Interviews says: Kerry Madden’s Maggie Valley trilogy will become classics. They are that good.”