Writing Smarts
Kerry Madden
American Girl, 2002
Writing Smarts: Excerpt

Big Dragon Emotions

Look back at your loves and hates heart, and read all your words of joy, fear, sorrow, and rage. Is there a story behind each love and hate?

"I am mad—roaring dragon mad, when my brother pitches me balls too fast for batting practice in the driveway, and I tell him over and over to stop, and he doesn't listen, and then he throws the ball, hard, and it hits me in the elbow, and I wish I could sprout humongous wings and fly at him and pick him up by the scruff of his unwashed neck and ZOOOOOOOOOOM over the sky with his skinny, not-listening body and drop him into a volcano full of spewing purple and red bubbling lava."

You probably wouldn't really want to drop that annoying brother into a volcano, but when you write about it, you can channel your anger by letting it all out. Even better, you have the beginning of a story with conflict, passion, and flying dragons.

Write about one of your big dragon emotions.


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