Kerry Madden
Wm Morrow, 1996

Chapter One, The Fake Out

"Don't give me that face." Mama popped her gum by the country club pool in Leavenworth, her eyes glued to her book, Daily Recipes for Smiles, the pages sticky with coconut Coppertone.

"What face is that?" I gazed toward the heavens, wondering if it was my destiny to spend every summer of my life in penitentiary towns. Besides Leavenworth, where my grandparents lived, Daddy always insisted we stopped in Marion, Illinois, to visit a coaching buddy and his six children, who loathed each other with such passion that it made us look like the von Trapp family.

You know what face! That long-suffering, how-could-you-do-it-one," Mama sniffed.

"Well, how could you?" I slid my sunglasses over my prescription glasses, as she shut her book in annoyance, scintillas of oil splattering the air.

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