Gentle's Holler
Kerry Madden
Viking, 2007
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Louisiana's Song—an excerpt

Chapter One, Shades of Blue (cont'd)

“Livy Two! Livy Two!" The twins, Caroline and Cyrus, age four, and Gentle, three, prowl the back holler hunting me, but I stay hidden in the spring leaves. Gentle and Caroline wear fairy wings, but Cyrus is dressed up like King Tut. He’s as wild for mummies as Caroline and Gentle are for fairies. They want me to play with them, but I want to be alone a little longer before I got to start watching kids again. Gentle listens hard and knows every inch of the holler and don’t let being blind stop her at nothing. Emmett whittled her a little cane too, and she uses it all the time except when she’s climbing trees, and I taught her to climb trees good as the twins now. But since her hearing is razor sharp, I know soon enough she’ll direct the twins to my hiding spot.  Our sausage-shaped dog, Uncle Hazard, races after them all howling, “BARROOO-BARROOO!"

Gentle yells, “Livy Two!  Livy Two!" 

Caroline calls, “When are we going up to Waterrock Knob?  The fairy place?"

Cyrus, “Yeah, you promised! Where are you anyhow?"

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