Louisiana's Song
Kerry Madden
Viking, 2007
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Louisiana's Song—an excerpt

Chapter One, Shades of Blue (cont'd)

P.S. I expect to be permoted from merry-go-round man to bonafied gunslinger any day now, and then I’ll look like a true outlaw from the Wild West, scaring the living tar out of all those South Carolina terists, making jail breaks, jumping from the roof of the bank. And PS again, send up some more Adventure Comics from the book mobile. I need to read up on Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, and Chameleon Boy

Emmett sure sounds happier these days than he did living at home with us. Does he miss us at all? Not a minute, probably.

“You done in the smokehouse yet, Louise?" I hang by my legs up in the red maple tree. World looks funny upside down, with all the blood in my body rushing straight to my head. “Please, Louise?  I’ll let you read Emmett’s letter!" No Answer. “Louisiana Weems! Answer me! You been in there FOREVER!" My eleven-year-old sister hates to be called “Louisiana" which is only her real name.

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