Writing Smarts
Kerry Madden
American Girl, 2002
Writing Smarts: a girl's guide to writing great poetry, stories, school reports, and more!
written by Kerry Madden, illustrated by Tracy McGuinness
published by American Girl, 2002
ISBN 978-1-58485-505-7 (paperback)

Get inspired to write! This book is filled with tips on creating great characters, making your words sing, breezing through book reports, and tackling research papers. Write-in pages give you plenty of room to practice. A special quick-reference grammar guide and pull-out idea cards are included, too!

"Young wordsmiths can turn to Writing Smarts for great tips on penning poems, stories and school reports. Each section deals with an aspect of writing: Gear Up, Express Yourself, Poet's Workshop, Story Catcher, Write for School, Get-It-Right Guide (punctuation)Creative Sparks (discovering ideas). Kerry Madden's lively writing and Tracy McGuinness's whiz-bang illustrations elevate this how-to to a how-to-enjoy—without sacrificing important information. For example, youngsters learn to carefully consider character, setting, plot and theme when writing book reports and to back up opinions with facts when crafting persuasive letters."


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