Jessie's Mountain
Kerry Madden
Viking, 2008

Jessie's Mountain

Can something that’s so awful wrong have shiny bright bits of right to it?

It’s slowly dawning on twelve-year-old Livy Two Weems that not every decision in life falls neatly into categories of right or wrong—and the harder the decision is the blurrier the lines get.

It’s winter 1963, and just about every member of the large Weems family has a decision to make. Should Livy Two run off to Nashville to audition for that music man? Is Daddy finally ready to play his banjo again? Should the kids be secretly reading Mama’s girlhood diary? And worst of all: will Mama make them move away from their beloved Maggie Valley home?

Even strong-willed Livy Two is overwhelmed by so many looming choices, but she’s as determined as ever to make her family’s dreams come true. That stubborn determination inspires all of the Weems—and leads to a tender and satisfying conclusion to Kerry Madden’s Maggie Valley stories.


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